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Through a unique combination of engineering, construction and design disciplines and expertise.

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Timeless & Innovative

“Noshka Inc stands out in crafting designs and structures that withstand the test of time, infusing innovation to elevate every space. Our specialization lies in guiding you through the realization of your dream design, adeptly blending technical sophistication with a timeless and aesthetically pleasing approach. Through the smooth integration of classic elements and cutting-edge features or technology, we achieve a harmonious fusion that unites the comforting familiarity of the past with the forward-thinking functionality of the future”

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Diverse Expertise & Team

Noshka's multidisciplinary team serves as a valuable asset, augmenting its capability to deliver innovative and comprehensive solutions. The objective is to tackle intricate challenges by harnessing diverse expertise and perspectives. Noshka is dedicated to ensuring that its designs go beyond visual appeal, prioritizing high functionality and customization to meet the specific needs and preferences of its clients



Concept design is the initial phase of the design process, focusing on developing the fundamental idea, vision, or creative concept for a project. During this stage, exploration of essential elements such as form, function, and aesthetics takes place to establish the foundational framework for the eventual product or project. Concept design is pivotal in defining the overall direction and style, offering stakeholders a visual and conceptual basis for discussion before progressing into more detailed design phases.


Design Development

Design Development is a critical phase in the design process where the initial concept is refined and further detailed to create a comprehensive and functional design. During this stage, the broad ideas and sketches from the schematic design phase are developed into a more precise and structured representation. Design Development involves considerations such as material selection, building systems integration, and addressing any technical or regulatory requirements. The goal is to enhance the clarity and specificity of the design before moving into the production of construction documents. This phase acts as a bridge between the conceptualization of ideas and the detailed planning needed for successful implementation



Design Implementation refers to the stage in the overall design process where the finalized design plans and specifications are put into action. During this phase, the conceptualized and developed design is translated into tangible reality through construction, fabrication, or execution, depending on the nature of the project

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