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Through a unique combination of engineering, construction and design disciplines and expertise.

About us
Noshka distinguishes itself as a versatile and comprehensive company in the fields of engineering and design, attributed to its extensive expertise and diverse service offerings. Notably, Noshka excels in specialized areas, provides a range of services, and caters to a diverse clientele, spanning a broad spectrum of projects and clients. The following breakdown outlines what Noshka offers:


Noshka serves a diverse range of clients, which includes:

Manufacturing facilities (structural steel & customized metal fabrication)

General and Building Contractors

Engineering, architectural & interior design disciplines.

Service sectors, Telecommunication’s, WTP, Oil & Gas.

Design encompasses a spectrum of elements, including place-making, concept development, environmental preservation, and economic sustainability, to mold a unique project

By integrating a unique mix of engineering, construction, design disciplines and expertise, Noshka possesses the capability to deliver infrastructure solutions of the highest caliber on a global scale

Throughout our process, Noshka incorporate techniques from diverse disciplines, prioritize meticulous attention to detail, and exercise caution to navigate the intricacies of engineering projects, effectively addressing their inherent complexity

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